Financial services for consumers and businesses

A bank for the many people

We create possibilities for better living by offering simple, fair and affordable services, enabling a healthy economy for the many people. Our offer to consumers includes private label cards, credit cards, savings, mortgages and loans. We deliver sales, finance and customer insight services to retail partners and provide businesses with leasing and factoring solutions. We aim to grow significantly in the coming years by becoming a truly digital and entrepreneurial-driven bank – providing solutions that simplify people’s everyday life and help businesses grow.

For consumers

We are a web based bank operating across Europe. We offer a range of financial services and banking products such as loans, savings and credit cards.

For businesses

We offer a range of financial services for your customers, including loans, store cards and loyalty solutions. We also provide leasing and rental options to small and medium sized businesses, helping you drive sales as well as a customer loyalty. In addition, our factoring services can help your business improve cash flow and profitability.

Ikano Business